INTRADAY  TRENDS AND LEVELS(Now direct access  to the spreadsheet)



  Trade Guide




15 thoughts on “NSE FO STOCKS

  1. Rajendra Shrowty says:

    Sir, Thanks for the revised trading guide. I believe DD_RES and DD_SUPP are same as UPTGT and DNTGT respectively and the process to take trading decisions (explained in ddynamo1.pdf) holds good. I must admit, I haven’t been able to trade/ follow the market in the past few week, hence could not follow your methodology.

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    • dailydynamo says:

      Sir will post a detailed post on using this.As of now..depending on status indicated
      one can go long(up) or short(dn) for the immediate target shown in uptgt/dntgt.Stop loss
      suitably has to be set between buy price and dntgt for buy and uptgt for sell.


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